Identify worker fatigue long before an accident occurs  

As the leading cause of accidents in construction, mining, transport, and other heavy industries, worker fatigue often remains undetected until moments before an accident occurs. Now, it's finally possible to detect fatigue early enough to make a difference.




Fatigue can now be scientifically predicted

By combining validated and seamless sleep tracking with SAFTE, the world's leading bio-mathematical fatigue model, Fatigue Science makes it possible to predict worker fatigue on a daily basis, long before workers begin high-risk duties.

Readiband 4

Validated Sleep Tracking

Lightweight and durable, the Fatigue Science Readiband™ 4 has been validated against polysomnography to track sleep with industry-leading accuracy, including capturing critical nuances such as sleep interruptions that affect fatigue. 


SAFTE® Fatigue Model

Developed by the US Army, validated by the US Department of Transportation, and exclusive to Fatigue Science, SAFTE is the world's leading bio-mathematical fatigue model.


Identify today's upcoming fatigue risks at the start of a shift  

With our Predictive Dashboard, risk managers can pinpoint at a glance both current and upcoming fatigue risks across their entire workforce. With these insights, critical interventions are now possible long before a worker becomes impaired on duty.

Alert Dashboard

Help chronically fatigued workers get the support they need

With rich, data-backed insights, health staff can identify workers with chronic fatigue issues and tailor treatment and guidance to address the root cause.

Analyze Dashboard

Empower workers to manage their own fatigue

We believe safety is a shared responsibility between employer and employee. With our mobile app, workers can do their part. Our app helps workers not only improve their sleep habits, but also understand their own risks for the upcoming workday. 

Mobile view

Manage fatigue seamlessly across your entire workforce

Our secure platform seamlessly assembles risk data for thousands of workers into one comprehensive dashboard. Secure data permissions can be assigned to ensure managers can focus on risks within the shifts or regions they manage.  

Seamless Sync
Fatigue Science Industry Platform

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“In the US alone, 100,000 crashes are the direct result of driver fatigue each year, resulting in an estimated 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and a cost of $12.5 billion.”
— National Highway Traffic Safety Administration