Fatigue Science is a leader in fatigue-related risk management and human performance optimization

Founded in 2006 and based in Vancouver BC, Fatigue Science is a trusted pioneer in sleep and its relationship to human performance. We work with pro sports teams like the Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Mavericks to provide technology-enabled, data-driven insights that help them perform better at game time. Additionally, our platform helps improve workplace safety and productivity with industry customers like like Rio Tinto and Goldcorp.



sean kerklaan

Sean Kerklaan


Arash Ramin
Director of Technology

jacob fiedler

Jacob Fiedler
Sales Director


Adam Neilson
Director of Product


Strategic advisors

Dan Eisenhardt
CEO Recon Instruments


Sleep and performance advisors

Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky
Peak Performance Sports

Dr. Jonathan Bloomfield
Performance Consultant


Dr. Steven Hursh
Fatigue Risk

Dr. John Caldwell
Sleep Scientist


Board of Directors

David Haber


J Hunter Downs III PHD

Traci H Downs PHD


Arni Johannson

Michael Byrne