Fatigue Science is a leader in fatigue-related risk management and human performance optimization

Founded in 2006 and based in Vancouver BC, Fatigue Science is a trusted pioneer in sleep and its relationship to human performance. Our platform quantifies the source and extent of fatigue in the workplace and helps mitigate risk related to that fatigue. As well, we work with sports teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Mavericks and Vancouver Canucks to provide technology-enabled, data-driven insights that help them perform better at game time.



Sean Kerklaan

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jacob fiedler

Jacob Fiedler
Sales Director

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Arash Ramin
Director of Engineering


Adam Neilson
Director of Product

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Jason Tong
Director of Finance

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Strategic advisors

Joe Gomes

Joe brings over a decade of experience to the Oakland Raiders as the head strength & conditioning coach. Before that, he managed and developed programs for EXOS, began serving as a senior advisor to the U.S. Army Special Ops Command, and trained 35 NFL first-round draft picks. This includes 13 top-10 selections and four first-overall picks trained during an industry-leading program he developed for the NFL Scouting Combine.

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Madeline Duva

Madeline has held senior managerial posts at numerous companies before starting her own consulting firm to advise startups. With over 20 years of experience in her arsenal, Madeline is a strategic visionary who holds positions as advisor, mentor, and board member at numerous companies like Drop, Fluxx, mPerpetuo, Parrot and
The Founder Institute.


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Dan Eisenhardt

Recognized for bringing the first consumer heads-up display technology to the market, Dan’s a pioneer in consumer wearable technology and smart eyewear. As Recon Instruments’ CEO, he remains in the forefront of providing athletes with real-time, customizable data direct-to-eye. In 2014, Recon partnered with Motorola to enter the public safety market, enabling Smart Policing through their technologies.

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Sleep and performance advisors

Dr. John Caldwell

John has over 25 years of experience conducting multidisciplinary research for NASA and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. With a Ph.D in experimental psychology, he’s an internationally recognized expert scientist in the areas of sleep deprivation, fatigue countermeasures, and the related real-world performance effects of fatigue and sleep deficit.

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Dr. Steven Hursh

The inventor of the Fatigue Science Sleep, Activity, Fatigue and Task Effectiveness (SAFTE) model, Steven directs research on human performance and fatigue, behavioral economics, drug abuse, and cooperative team performance. Steven is currently the President at the Institutes for Behavior Resources.

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Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky

Leonard has worked with numerous technology companies, offering his knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, psychophysiology and the psychology of performance. While with the Vancouver Canucks, he was responsible for Fatigue Science’s first connection in pro sports. Leonard continues to promote the integration of sport psychology and technology as a sport science consultant. 

Dr. Jonathan Bloomfield

Jonathan has consulted and worked with elite athletes at England Rugby, Ulster Rugby, the Irish Football Association, and the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland for the past decade. With a Ph.D in Exercise Physiology, Jonathan uses his background in physiology and high-performance environments to create recovery monitoring and training systems of world-class calibre.

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Board of Directors

J Hunter Downs III PHD

With 30 years of experience in medical and reconnaissance imaging, Hunter's been the principal investigator on numerous functional imaging, intelligent algorithms for fatigue prediction, geospatial reasoning, brain machine interface, and augmented cognition projects. He’s now the CEO of Archinoetics, which focuses on creating and applying sensors for data collection and communication, as well as adding intelligence into technology to mimic human decision-making.

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Arni Johannson

Arni is the President and Founder of Canadian Nexus Ventures, where he has investments covering the Pulp & Paper, Mining Exploration, Agriculture and Technology sectors. His over 25 years of experience provides Arni expertise in building assets and senior management teams as well as execution of defined business plans.

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Traci H Downs PHD

Traci is an expert in functional neuroimaging and neuroscience with over 20 publications in this field bearing her name. She's done notable work with positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Traci’s now the COO and President of Archinoetics where she’s exploring methods of creating user-interfaces for new and emerging technologies. Her leadership led Archinoetics to grow by 400% in its first four years.

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Michael Byrne

Michael was one of the earliest shareholders at Fatigue Science and has been active supporter and contributor. In 1992, Michael founded a public accounting firm specializing in providing business and planning advice to the Canadian medical community.

David Haber

David is a serial entrepreneur, CEBS, and CHRP with a history of building strong, profitable businesses. He founded Health Benefits Consulting and after 25 years of profitable growth, sold it to Morneau Shepell, Canada’s largest consultancy. Currently, David’s the President of Adler Business Solutions where he consults with international corporate leaders to develop and execute strategies for successful mergers, acquisitions, and growth.

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