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Accidents and errors as a result of fatigue can have a tragic human and monetary cost. Influenced by sleep history, circadian fluctuation, and time on/off-duty, fatigue has a measurable impact on a worker’s reaction time and ability to perform their job safely. 

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Fatigue Risk Mitigation with the FAST fatigue modeling software

Scientifically-validated by the US Department of Transportation, FAST fatigue modeling software allows researchers and planners to identify areas of fatigue risk in schedule and roster design. It analyzes work schedules, commute times and sleep data to generate minute-by-minute performance predictions.


  • Understand the inherent fatigue risk of various schedule designs
  • Assess schedule designs for compliance with fatigue regulations
  • Create targeted programs and schedules that will increase overall employee health, safety and productivity
  • Perform objective post-accident or incident analysis to determine if fatigue may have been a factor.  Learn how [Video]

FAST overview


FAST prediction of accident risk states, showing percentage of time spent in each

fatigue model results of day shift vs night shift worker

More about FAST

  • Uses US Army developed SAFTE algorithm to predict employee reaction time, likelihood of lapsed judgement, and fatigue risk
  • Validated as an accurate predictor of fatigue related accident risk by the US Department of Transportation

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