Fatigue Science helps elite teams gain a competitive edge through the science of sleep


What if you could quantify the impact of each athlete’s sleep, every day?

By combining validated sleep data with SAFTE, the world's leading fatigue model, you can finally know the true impact of each player's sleep, every day. With clear insights, you can tailor training and recovery in a way that's never before been possible.

Readiband PSG-validated sleep tracker

Validated against polysomnography to track sleep with industry-leading accuracy, Readiband captures sleep nuances critical to an accurate fatigue analysis. 

SAFTE bio-mathematical fatigue model

Developed by the US Army and relied on extensively by US Army Special Forces, the SAFTE model translates each player's sleep into an objective measure of fatigue. Learn more


Adjust today's training regimen, or stick to the plan?

Protect your most valuable assets. Know when your player needs extra time for recovery by checking in daily on their objective level of fatigue.  


Know when your whole team is fatigued, and recommend schedule changes based on data

Track the average fatigue of your whole team, day by day. Know when fatigue is taking a toll, and inform tactical decisions to get them back up to speed before the next big game. 

Influence of travel on team fatigue

Make your players better sleepers

Figure out where sleep problems are hurting your athletes. Dive deep into rich insights and uncover the root causes, empowering you with informed guidance that can make a real difference. 


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“With Fatigue Science, we’re teaching players: sleep is a weapon.”
— Sam Ramsden, Director of Player Health & Performance, Seattle Seahawks