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Sleep and fatigue analytics for the elite sports team

Accurately measure sleep, understand its impact on athlete readiness, and view team insights all in one place.


Helping elite teams capitalize on the competitive advantage of sleep

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Measure sleep properly, without the electrodes

Originally designed for the military and research community to measure sleep effectively outside of the laboratory, the Readiband is the world’s most accurate wrist-worn sleep detection device. And now, it’s engineered specifically for elite athletes.

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View your team’s sleep data all in one place

Know who’s sleeping well, and who’s not, so you can focus your resources on the athletes that need the most attention.

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Monitor athlete sleep patterns

Even good sleepers can go through rough patches due to injuries, stress or environmental factors. By identifying such anomalies early, you can intervene to help prevent recovery and performance shortfalls.

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Build a culture that champions sleep

With the player app, your athletes can monitor their recent sleep stats. Use it as an opportunity to check in with them regarding their sleep, and enforce its value as key to their recovery and performance.

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Quantify sleep’s impact on team readiness

While the Readiband accurately measures sleep, the key to our platform is a fatigue model. Based on sleep quantity, quality and timing, it outputs a dynamic mental effectiveness score. If the score is low, an athlete’s reaction time, speed and strength is impaired.


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“Sunday’s postgame travel hammered the guys’ sleep and they’re struggling to recover this week. Suggest we cut practice short today and encourage them to get to bed early tonight so they’re in better shape for tomorrow’s game.”
— Glen, Head Athletic Trainer


All the features you need to manage fatigue on your team



Flexible grouping means you can generate reports for different sub-groups on your team. For example, rookies, offensive players, or those who are injured.

data export

Data export

Granular team, group or individual sleep and fatigue data can be exported in CSV format for any date range. 

date range control

Date range control

View sleep data for the whole season, or just the past week, or compare how sleep patterns change between road trips and home stands.

fatigue modelling

Fatigue modelling

Thanks to 25yrs of applied research (trusted by the US Military and Department of Transportation), our best in class fatigue model generates minute by minute predictive fatigue scores.

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Managing fatigue = managing recovery

Sleep is the most important contributor to recovery and injury prevention. If you’re not effectively measuring it, you can’t manage it.

“With Fatigue Science, we’re teaching players: sleep is a weapon.”
— Sam Ramsden, Director of Player Health & Performance, Seattle Seahawks