Why is Fatigue Science abetting a team of ‘bandits’?


In a few short weeks, close to a hundred thousand people, including a couple of members from our own Fatigue Science team, will be converging in San Francisco for the worlds largest cloud-computing technology conference – Dreamforce. The four day event, organized by customer relationship management (CRM) provider Salesforce.com, squeezes in hundreds of seminars and events – providing ample opportunity for learning, sharing ideas, networking and, in our eyes, missed sleep.

People attend Dreamforce from all over the world so it was no surprise to hear that another local business, Traction on Demand, were also sending a team down to San Francisco for the event. What did interest us about Traction’s attendance, is that their team of 25 is planning to drive from Vancouver to San Francisco in an epic philanthropic adventure homage to Smokey & The Bandit known as The Traction Bandit Tour For Good!


As they explain in their own blog post introducing the tour: “The concept is pretty simple; Buy a black ‘78 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, hitch our ’73 Airstream mobile office to a massive Dodge Ram 3500, get a bunch of Traction employees, partners and clients and convoy our way from Vancouver to San Francisco.” Sounds fun, but now for the ‘good’: Their Airstream has been outfitted with a mobile boardroom which they’ll use to host pro-bono Salesforce consults with select non-profit organizations along the route to San Francisco. How great is it that they’re going to use their expertise to help people ahead of what will be a busy conference week for them? See them set off for yourself in their Day 1 Video.

Of course, as an organization specializing in fatigue risk management and human performance optimization, we can’t help but be concerned that these bandits get enough sleep along the way to keep alert and perform their best during their meetings, events and speaking engagements. So, we’re providing 25 Readibands for the team (now known around here as the Readibandits) to use during their trip. The Readibands will keep track of when the bandits are awake and asleep, and provide them with real-time performance scores – so they can make informed decisions about whether they should hit the hay or keep on truckin’. They are also going to incorporate a visual dashboard, much like the one we provide to pro sports teams, in their Salesforce.com program that takes their aggregate data and shows them, as a team, how well they are all performing.

We are looking forward to following along with the Bandit’s adventure and meeting them down in San Francisco at Dreamforce. If you want to learn more about their Bandit Tour and how it all got started, you can visit www.tractionbandit.com.


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