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Are You Readi?

With the launch of Readi, our new mobile app, Fatigue Science has taken a giant leap forward in enabling organizations, teams and individuals to manage fatigue and improve performance & safety outcomes. Unveiled at the 2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, Readi is the latest release from Fatigue Science and marks a major evolution of the app that has served users of the Fatigue Science ReadiBand to date.

Now known as Readi, the app delivers an entirely new user experience that not only predicts the cumulative impact of sleep on your waking hours, but also puts those predictions into a meaningful visual context as it relates to your day ahead. Moreover, Readi marks the groundbreaking beginning of a hardware-agnostic approach to performance prediction, with Fatigue Science announcing support for 3rd party sleep-tracking devices for the first time ever. At launch, Readi supports devices from Fitbit, and support for Garmin trackers and other brands will arrive this winter.  Also coming soon, Readi is also poised for another exciting development: 7-day forecasting. While Readi currently projects your fatigue level throughout the current day, it will soon forecast your performance up to 7 days in advance.

A Scientifically-Validated Solution

As you’ve come to expect from Fatigue Science, Readi is a scientifically-validated solution. It leverages the same vaunted SAFTE™ Biomathematical Fatigue Model that has been trusted for years by users of the ReadiBand and FAST across our customer base in elite sports, military, and heavy industry and has been extensively validated by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and numerous other governmental and industry organizations.

SAFTE’s predictions are known as the ReadiScore™, and insight into ReadiScore performance is provided at organizational, team and individual levels. Readi enables organizations, teams and end-users to know when they’re performing at their best and how to avoid periods of critical risk.

“Readi users at the organizational, group and individual level are now able to measure and quantify the impact of sleep on performance in waking hours. This performance affects things like reaction time, logical reasoning, mission-critical communication ability, and recovery time. Simply put, Readi unlocks the potential of higher human performance⁠— both at the individual and enterprise level.”

Andrew Morden, CEO of Fatigue Science.

A Natural Evolution

Readi evolved from Fatigue Science’s widely adopted ReadiBand™ solution, which has been successfully utilized across industry, military and elite sports to improve human performance and safety.

“For the past several years, our early adopter clients have woken up every day to discover the projected impact of their sleep on their performance for the day ahead. Now, with Readi, our users can see these performance predictions in a clearer, more actionable context — one that relates their data directly to the events in their day, like shift hours, training sessions, and game times.”

Robert Higdon, Vice President of Product

A New Way Forward

Readi has been built following hundreds of hours of customer discussions, feedback from industry experts, sleep scientists and deep market research. Readi delivers a user experience designed to provide data in a more valuable context to both organizations and individuals.

“Most sleep trackers and apps today provide users with a simple snapshot of how they slept, as if looking through a rear-view mirror, leaving both group and end-users to figure out how sleep will affect the day ahead. With Readi, we are providing information about future performance and safety to both the enterprise and the individual that can be used to drive real improvements in performance and safety.”

Andrew Morden, CEO of Fatigue Science

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter below in our footer to receive future updates to Readi’s ongoing development as new features are introduced and more platforms are supported. We hope that you’re Readi to take the next step forward in fatigue management.


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