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The Power of Baseline Sleep Data

Contents Defining Screening and Understanding a Baseline Reading…
FS Blog | CBC News Chicago Cubs Win screen capture

CBC News: Chicago Cubs’ win and the benefits of sleep and performance management in elite sports

In light of the Cubs’ spectacular win, Fatigue Science talks to CBC News about the role sleep and performance management is playing in helping elite sports teams attain the ultimate prize.
CBC The National Reports on Fatigue Science work Transport and Elite Sports
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CBC's 'The National' reports on Fatigue Science's work with transport and elite sports clients

Canada's news broadcaster took an in-depth look at human fatigue and performance, highlighting Fatigue Science's work with Arrow Transportation drivers and Seattle Seahawks players.
Seattle Seahawks NFL team members | Fatigue Science Blog
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New York Times cover story: Seattle Seahawks rely on Fatigue Science for performance edge

New York Times reporter Ken Belson was on hand for the deployment of Fatigue Science’s new Readiband, interviewing players and coaches about the importance of sleep in the NFL.

World champions! The Chicago Cubs turn to wearable sleep tech for edge in MLB pursuit

As part of its league-leading analytics offerings, the Cubs recently added Fatigue Science’s wearable sleep management technology to their performance management programs.
Sleep Aids for elite sports
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From high tea to hypnotics: Sleep aid starting points for performance athletes

Elite athletes are presumably more aware of the impacts of poor sleep, however, research suggests they're still more likely to use (and possibly abuse) sleep medications.
Heavy industry workers with wearable tech
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Sleeping giant: Fatigue Science sets sights on expansion, new markets for wearable tech and fatigue monitoring

Fatigue Science’s combination of scientifically validated sleep monitoring and wearable tech can predict fatigue in large industrial workforces. And that, could save lives.
Pro Seattle Sounders soccer player goalie

Sleep and nutrition highlight Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend

The brightest minds in sports will convene in the Emerald City to share their latest performance insights during the fifth annual Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend.
Sleep strategies for college and pro athletes during days off

Sleep strategies for college and pro athletes during days off

Good times and good sleep don’t have to be separated for elite athletes. Preparing for down time, especially maintaining sleep habits, can separate the good from the great.
Sleep habits of the world’s most elite athletes: Tom Brady

Sleep habits of the world’s most elite athletes: Tom Brady

Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, knows his stuff when it comes to sleep. We couldn’t resist sharing the sleep habits of such an admired athlete.
Sleep in and win

Podcast: 'Sleep In and Win' performance in sport with Ian Dunican

Sports and performance expert Ian Dunican talks to us in detail about using Fatigue Science's FAST Scheduling tool to help Super Rugby teams plan for and manage fatigue.
Airport impact on athlete performance San Francisco and New York

Jet lag's impact on athlete performance: Part 3

In Part 3, we outline strategies for time-zone shifting and give advice on designing a comprehensive time-zone management plan, including activities to lessen jet lag's effects.
Jet Lag airport impact on athlete performance Sand Francisco and New York

Jet lag's impact on athlete performance: Part 2

In Part 2 of our series, we explore some of the most effective intervention techniques designed and proven to help high performance athletes cope with jet lag.

Jet lag's impact on athlete performance: Part 1

The first of our 3-part series on jet lag and athletic performance introduces the concepts behind jet lag, and our current understanding of its effects on human performance.

It’s not just physical: The difference between mental and physical fatigue

When we talk about fatigue, we’re talking about reduced alertness, reaction time, and effectiveness; all of which manifest in the form of sub-optimal athletic performance.