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Professional teams are waking up to new methods of managing athlete fatigue

Coaches and trainers have long known the importance of player sleep to game performance and recovery, but for high performance athletes fatigue management is not as simple as just going to sleep for eight hours a night.
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Vancouver Canucks post-game coverage: Coach John Tortorella and his Readiband

We caught new Vancouver Canucks coach, John Tortorella, wearing his Readiband in the post-game coverage after the Canucks pre-season win over the Coyotes on September 23rd.
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2 reasons why a sleep room won't help the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have installed a sleep room at Fenway Park! While David Ross confirms this is a “nice” way to cope with strenuous travel schedules and an intense season, the problem is that it acts like a band-aid on the larger issues that work against professional sports teams.
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Vancouver Canucks' GM Mike Gillis talks about fatigue and travel schedules

The Vancouver Canucks have a tough road schedule this year. Appearing on Team 1040 President and General Manager of the Canucks, Mike Gillis outlined their fatigue management plan for the year.
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Performance and sleep: Be at the top of your game

Your performance is directly related to your sleep, and not just the amount, but the quality as well.
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5 great benefits of sleep

We all know we feel better when we sleep, but the benefits of sleep go far beyond a feel-good day at the office.
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Why athletes should make sleep a priority in their daily training

"Sleep is extremely important to me - I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body" - Usain Bolt.
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U.S. Open defending champ, Andy Murray, takes a day off to avoid fatigue

So how has Murray been training? Well instead of squeezing additional training on his day off, Murray did what many professional athletes deem as unthinkable - he actually took the day off.
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Former English soccer coach suggests fatigue could be reason for lack of success in international tournaments

"It's like when you're driving a car: if you stop halfway to put fuel in then you'll definitely get where you want to go, but if you don't then there's always the chance you'll be running on empty before you reach your goal."
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The importance of sleep for professional athletes

We often mistake sleep and fatigue to only effect those working shift work , but recent articles on Wimbledon tennis stars have bought to light the importance of sleep in sports for professional athletes.
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New Readiband features allow players to see when they need to sleep

What was the key to Mario Bartoli's recent win at Wimbledon? A 30-minute nap just before her match.