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Why we need to stop using the term human error in accident investigations

In order for high-risk organizations such as aviation, air traffic control, healthcare or nuclear industry where reducing accident risk is imperative to the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees, objective data must be used to identify the root cause of human error in accidents.
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New research shows that limiting drivers hours won't reduce driver fatigue

ANTARC studied all 461 truck accidents from 2011 in Australia and concluded that 68% of all fatigue related incidents occurred within 250 km and 85% of the fatigue related incidents occurred within 500 km of the beginning of their journey, not the end.
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Global BC News: Sleep deprivation caused YVR near miss

Ted Cherneki, reports on the level of fatigue the air traffic controller was suffering in 2011 when two Westjet flights nearly collided at YVR airport.
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Westjet near accident: YVR fatigued air traffic controller

Fatigue related accidents and close calls are completely preventable.
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FAST used to identify fatigue as a factor in recent Vancouver airport incident

FAST identified that the airport controller did not obtain sufficient sleep before their shift. In addition, the airport controller’s schedule did not permit enough adaptation time, requiring the controller to sleep during the day in an attempt to be adequately rested for the night shift.
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New regulations in the US designed to reduce truck driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is a serious problem in North America, with studies showing that 30% of fatal commercial truck crashes are fatigue related.