Global News anchors review their individual SAFTE Fatigue Model sleep data: Part 2

The results are in!

After wearing Fatigue Science Readibands for 4 days, Global News BC’s morning show hosts Sonia Sunger, Kaitlyn Herbst, and Mark Madryga, reviewed their SAFTE sleep results with Fatigue Science’s Karl Woll, and sleep expert Pat Byrne. Even though this was only a sample size of 3, and over 4 days, the results were quite informative.

It should be no surprise that early morning TV personalities face the same sleep challenges as shift workers. And how they manage their sleep can vary considerably between individuals. While Sonia appeared to be managing her sleep quite well, in spite of a 2:30 am alarm bell, Kaitlyn was having more trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Mark, who had been tested by Fatigue Science in the past, showed great improvements in his sleep hygiene, and success in managing his sleep apnea.

Learn more about SAFTE, Readiband, and predictive fatigue management.

Part 1 of the show can be seen here.


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