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Welcoming Fitbit to the Readi Ecosystem

Using Readi with Fitbit

One of the most common requests we received when developing Readi, our new mobile app, was the ability to use a variety of 3rd party sleep trackers with our technology. With tens of millions of users, Fitbit easily topped the list of requested brands. Today, we’re proud to announce that Readi integrates with Fitbit devices!  Readi’s robust API is designed to support a diverse ecosystem of 3rd party devices. Our compatibility with Fitbit is the first of many exciting steps toward building out this vision!

Readi is built on SAFTE™, the world’s leading biomathematical sleep and fatigue model, and is designed specifically for industrial workers, elite athletes, and military operators. Industrial workers use Readi to become aware of periods of critical fatigue risk in their workday ahead, and to receive alerts before they face these risks. Likewise, elite athletes and military operators use data from Readi to ensure they’re performing at optimal levels.

At an aggregated level, Readi helps industrial firms optimize workforce decisions that both reduce risk and improve productivity based on the data captured at the individual level and the addition of Fitbit will certainly enable this process and provide further additional value to our enterprise customers.

With more than 27 million active users globally, Fitbit pioneered consumer sleep tracking and has been a leader in the wearables category for more than a decade. Now, with Readi’s Fitbit integration, Fitbit users can experience the same predictive insights that have long been available to users of the Fatigue Science ReadiBand™. Fitbit users and ReadiBand users alike can now view the projected impact of their cumulative sleep on their cognitive effectiveness and reaction time for the day ahead.

“Globally, tens of millions of people are using their Fitbit trackers to improve their health and lifestyle. Our integration with Fitbit allows those users to take sleep health optimization one step further,” said Andrew Morden, CEO of Fatigue Science. “Together with Fitbit devices, Readi provides scientifically-validated insights into the cumulative effects of sleep on waking hours, and more specifically, the impact of sleep on cognitive performance and reaction time. Understanding the impact of your sleep on factors critical to safety, productivity, and athletic performance is key to making decisions about the day ahead, and for planning optimal rest & recovery at the individual, group and organizational level.”

Readi is compatible with any Fitbit device, but we recommend using devices with heart rate tracking for the best accuracy, such as those in the Fitbit Charge™ and Versa™ families, as well as the Fitbit Inspire HR™, Fitbit Ionic, and Fitbit Alta HR™.

As a growing open platform, Readi will soon introduce compatibility with many more brands, extending predictive insights to as many people as possible. Look for compatibility with Garmin devices coming this winter, with support for other brands to follow soon thereafter.


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Readi from Fatigue Science now provides sleep insights for millions of Garmin devices

Fatigue Science is pleased to announce that its application, Readi, now integrates with Garmin wearable devices. With tens of millions of active users globally, Garmin is one of the leading sleep capture wearable brands. Readi’s robust API is designed to support a diverse ecosystem of 3rd party devices, and this latest integration with Garmin follows the recent introduction of Readi’s compatibility with Fitbit and is another step towards building out this extensive ecosystem.
Man wearing ReadiBand in shower
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ReadiBand™ is now easier to incorporate into your day!

Fatigue Science, a global leader in providing predictive human performance data in heavy industry, elite sports, and military, is pleased to announce that after extensive testing and refinements of the ReadiBand hardware and firmware, users of its latest ReadiBand model can now wear the device more conveniently than ever before.
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Are You Readi?

With the launch of Readi, our new mobile app, Fatigue Science has taken a giant leap forward in enabling organizations, teams and individuals to manage fatigue and improve performance & safety outcomes. Unveiled at the 2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, Readi is the latest release from Fatigue Science and marks a major evolution of the app that has served users of the Fatigue Science ReadiBand to date.