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Jet lag's impact on athlete performance: Part 3

In Part 3, we outline strategies for time-zone shifting and give advice on designing a comprehensive time-zone management plan, including activities to lessen jet lag's effects.

Jet lag's impact on athlete performance: Part 2

In Part 2 of our series, we explore some of the most effective intervention techniques designed and proven to help high performance athletes cope with jet lag.

Jet lag's impact on athlete performance: Part 1

The first of our 3-part series on jet lag and athletic performance introduces the concepts behind jet lag, and our current understanding of its effects on human performance.

It’s not just physical: The difference between mental and physical fatigue

When we talk about fatigue, we’re talking about reduced alertness, reaction time, and effectiveness; all of which manifest in the form of sub-optimal athletic performance.
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5 areas sleep has the greatest impact on athletic performance

It's become clear that quality and quantity of sleep obtained by elite athletes can be the edge between winning and losing, and as critical as physical conditioning and nutrition.

Sleep like a champ: How FSU women's soccer promotes sleep as a vital component of success

As the Seminoles prepare to kick off the 2015 season as defending National Champions, we spoke to Assistant Coach Mike Bristol about their use of the Fatigue Science Readiband.

The world's best performance enhancer: 10 sleep strategies for peak athletic performance

While stress, jet lag, and demanding schedules can challenge even the most dedicated athlete, sleep can be improved by following these 10 simple steps for better sleep hygiene.

TechCrunch: Fatigue Science lets pro sports teams track their athletes' sleep

Our CEO, Sean Kerklaan, was interviewed by TechCrunch on how Fatigue Science provides elite sports teams and industry with sleep analytics to improve performance and reduce risk.

Fatigue Science wins 'Top Canadian Startup' award at Metabridge

Fatigue Science was at Metabridge, an invitation-only event where Canadian entrepreneurs, financiers and technology VIPs from around the world get together to talk shop.